Dear Parents,

            This can be an unsettling time for kids right now.  That’s why it’s important to remind them that God loves them and that He is more powerful than anything. 

We at Aberdeen First would like to come along side of you to give you ideas to help make the most out of your time at home with your children. Here are just a few to help:

Christian Kids HERE

NEW Answers in Genesis Activities for Kids!
RightNow Media
Rightnow media has some great videos and devotionals for your family (this is just a sampling – there are many more)
– 5 minute devotional series with talking points
– Jesus: Messiah, Teacher, King
– Old Testament Heroes
– Easter Week
– For younger children
– 60 Second Bible Stories
– The Amazing Book
– Hermie & Friends
– Popular videos
– Superbook
– Boz
– Bibleman
– Veggietales
– Ages 8-12
– Micah’s Armor of God
– Micah’s Fruit of the Spirit
Activity packs for both above can be found at
– Torchlighters – videos about heroes like John Wesley, George Muller, et.
Lego ideas
Bricktionary! Make a list on cards of simple lego builds.  Each player picks a card and then builds the item while other players try to guess what their model is.
– Who can build the tallest tower?
– Build your name or initials
Other ideas
– Homemade play dough
– Read books together
– Non screen activities are available at
– STEM activity calendar at
– Bake together (helps with math and following directions)
Sunday School
Sunday School is available for children ages 2 (by Sept. 1) through 5th grade at 9am on Sundays throughout the school year. We use Lifeway curriculum. Music time is included. Snacks correlating with the curriculum are provided for preschool and kindergarten classes.
(2-1/2 year through 5th Grade) Kids build a firm foundation of God’s Word in their hearts every Wednesday Night.  Program highlights scripture memorization, songs, Bible stories and game time. Every Wednesday from 6:00pm-7:30pm.